A Look on the Bright Side

INTERACTIVE PRINT: features a QR code or snap tag in the print ads that takes people who snap a pic of it to a LP YouTube video of the designer talking about what inspired the particular pattern, and how it imbues everyone who sees it with a feeling of optimism.
E-LILLY: Emails sent to keep customers informed about sales, events and other Lilly information.
CUSTOM CATALOG: Encourage people to share optimism with their friends by creating their own digital catalogue/lookbook with a free LP iPhone/iPad app.
LILLY ONLINE: Redesign the Lilly Pulitzer website to be more interactive and organic.
Share Your Gifts: Appeal to people’s altruism, as well as their optimism. For every Lilly gift purchase they make, LP will donate 2% of the proceeds to the charity of your choice.
LILLY LOVERS LOYALTY CLUB: Where loyal customers earn points for interacting with the brand, and get special Lilly privileges, like attending or hosting special events, discounts, private sales and sneak peaks of new merchandise before it’s widely available.
IN-STORE HAPPY HOUR: Give Lilly Lovers a dose of shoptimism, with the LP Happy Hour. Bring 2 friends to a Lilly store, and for the next hour, you each get 15% off all purchases.
THE LILLY LOTTERY: Anyone who purchases Lilly merchandise online or in-store gets a Lilly Lottery ticket with their receipt. At the end of every month, one lucky Lilly lover wins an all-expenses-paid trip to the Lilly Pulitzer Suite at the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach.
SPONSORSHIP: On the first day of spring and summer, sponsor a home page takeover of the most popular search engine in the world.
DAY LILLY APP: Sends a daily positive message from LP to your phone, your Facebook or Twitter page, that you can forward, post, or retweet.
SHAZAM FOR LILLY PRINTS: recognizes Lilly prints when you take a picture of them, gives you the inside story about how the print was created, and helps you find the hidden Lilly in the design. If you like a particular dress or accessory, and want to purchase it, it’ll guide you to the nearest LP store, using GPS.
LILLY OUT LOUD: A musical based on Lilly's interesting life that showcases the clothing and home collections.
LILLY OUT LOUD: Off Broadway, the musical can also be performed on cruise ships.
LILLY TUNES: A Pandora station with optimistic music that’ll lift everyone’s spirits. (And the soundtrack from Lilly Out Loud, of course.)
VIRTUAL CLOSET: An interactive wall for airports, subways and other public places. A camera captures a woman’s image as she drags and drops the season’s latest prints to see what looks best on her. Once she picks her favorites, she can post pictures directly to her Facebook or Twitter accounts, and get directions to the nearest Lilly retailer.
LILLYPALOOZA: A yacht tour that drops anchor in coastal communities, like Palm Beach, Hilton Head, The Hamptons, and Martha’s Vineyard. On board people can shop and enjoy drinks and entertainment.

Lilly was a New York socialite who eloped with Peter Pulitzer in the late 1950's and ended up in West Palm Beach, Florida where his family owned some orange groves. She started a juice stand and started wearing bright patterned dresses to hide the juice stains. Eventually, the dresses became more popular than the juice and the fashion brand took off in the 1960's, especially after her friend Jackie Kennedy was photographed wearing one of Lilly's shift dresses.

My partner and I created a 360º campaign to position the Lilly Pulitzer brand as the most optimistic company in the market with A Look on the Bright Side.

Lilly Pulitzer

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